The follow table displays a summary of our pricing policy. Every customer's needs are different; therefore these prices are subject to change based on customer's requirements..

Package Setup Fee Fee per Change Annual Hosting Fee
8-page Static Website $500 ≥ $20 $100
Static Website $800 ≥ $50 $100
Dynamic Website $1200 ≥ $50 $300
Additional Addons
Addon Prices
Custom .NET Software Updater (Only applies to Static Website) +$200
2min Video Production + Photography +$3000
Photography Only +$1000
Additional Services
Services Prices
SEO - Google Ranking and Analytics +$200/Year
VIP Service - Instant Phone Support (Talk and Text) +$600/Year

8-page Static Website

Our 8-page static website is the package we recommend for most small businesses that needs some online exposure. It is fast to setup, reliable, scalable and most importantly affordable ($100/year). We use a pre-written web template to quickly setup a fast and reliable website for our customer. Customer can customize the color and theme of the website. This will have to be agreed upon before work is started.

Static Website

Our static website package is for customers that needs more customization to their website. The customer can choose a site template from Theme Forest Website. We will then work with the customer to setup their site. The setup fee and the time required to setup the website will depend on the customer's requirements. It is hosted on the same reliable, scalable and most importantly affordable ($100/year) infrastructure. The overall design of the website will have be agreed upon before work is started.

Dynamic Website

Websites where the web content needs to be generated on the fly are called dynamic websites. Dynamic websites usually has a database backend (ie. MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL). For low traffic dynamic websites, we charge an annual hosting fee of $300. Examples of dynamic websites include but not limited to...

  • Blogging
  • Wikis
  • Craigslist
  • Discussion forum
  • Bulletin Board System